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FCSC Safety

The mission of the FCSC is to provide quality educational programs in an environment which is safe, harmonious, and conducive to learning. 

Enabling a diverse population of all ages to become independent, productive citizens and lifelong learners. 

School safety is always changing in relation to potential threats to our students.

Recent safety measures have been implemented within all schools in our district.  

These safety measures coincide with the physical and emotional safety of our students, staff, and visitors. 

ALICE Training

Metal Detectors

Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI)

Student Resource Officer (SRO)

*The safety of our students is a priority in the Fayette County School Corporation and we thank you for your understanding and your support in enhancing the school safety protocols in our district.

Library News

Our Library has a new look! Thank you Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Allen for making our Library feel so welcoming!

Sydney's Garden
Sydney's Garden

Sydney Bowling was a student at Grandview Elementary who battled

an inoperable brain tumor.  The tumor was found when she was

 in kindergarten . Sydney attended school here through her third

grade year. She was an inspiration to our students and staff.  Sydney

 was known for her kindness, beautiful smile, love of One Direction,

butterflies, the color purple, and a great sense of humor.

Sydney's Garden

 Unfortunately, Sydney lost her battle with cancer at very early

age. Grandview Student Council decided to create and dedicate a

tree and flower garden on the front side of our school, by Iowa Avenue,

to always remember our special friend Sydney.

Sydney's Garden

Sydney's Garden

Our Mission Statement
Mission Statement: The staff, parents, and community of Grandview Elementary Schoolwork together in a safe environment to nurture each student’s educational, social, and physical development enabling the student to reach his/her highest potential and become a lifelong learner.