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    Registration for 2016-17

    Thursday, July 28 from 12:00-6:00


    Friday, July 29 from 8:30-3:30

    in gym


Current Weather

Preschool Parade April 12 at  8:30
 8th street to courthouse parking lot

Preschool Open House April 19
 from 4-6 at Miller Building

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Grandview News
Art Club

Third grade art club with their cloth critter creations

Science Showcase

Fifth graders Ryan Johnson and Katie Mitchell
 and sixth graders Kyle Burkhead, Bailey James,
and Georgia Thompson earned Best of Show honors
 at Grandview's annual Science Showcase.

Kindergarten Jumpstart

Kindergarten Jumpstart

Kindergarten Jumpstart

Kindgergarten Jumpstart

Kindergarten Jumpstart

Kindergarten Jump Start

Sydney's Garden

Sydney's Garden

Sydney's Garden

Sydney's Garden

Sydney's Garden

Sydney's Garden

  • Points of Pride

    Check out the link below to

    see Grandview's accomplishments this past

    school year.

    2015 Points of Pride

Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The staff,
parents, and community of Grandview
 Elementary Schoolwork together in a safe
environment to nurture each student’s
 educational, social, and physical
development enabling the student
reach his/her highest
potential and
become a lifelong learner.

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